Turn Amazon Echo, Google Home, or a guest's phone into a concierge with expert local knowledge for your guests
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What is the Virtual Concierge?

A customized virtual concierge for your vacation rental

You can now deliver a stand out service for your guests - a virtual concierge. Put an Echo, thick-flaming, or (307) 370-1499, or 816-240-7308 in your vacation rental, and Alexa or Google will provide expert local knowledge in an interactive voice conversation. You can also deliver the same experience directly from your guests' phone.
What can the Virtual Concierge do?

Deliver tailored content and insights directly from you, the owner or manager

Here are some of the things Alexa or Google Home can provide for your guests:
A personalized welcome for your guests
Check in & check out information
How to connect to the internet
Fun group games available with Alexa
How to use Alexa to help guests sleep better
Who to contact in an emergency
Telephone, climate control, and lighting info
A group orientation when guests arrive
How to use the dishwasher and laundry appliances
Instructions for dealing with garbage & recycling
How to use the sound system and TV
History of the residence and area
Describe smart home capabilities available to guests
Restaurant recommendations
Insider tips on local attractions
Local shopping opportunities
How to use Alexa to contact the owner or manager
Detailed information on things to do in the area
What to know about parking
How to play music with Alexa
Important safety information
Spots to rent recreational equipment
How to get meal ideas and instructions from Alexa
Location of the nearest hospital
Upcoming events, and reasons to come back
How Alexa can help make the perfect cocktail
What's New With the Virtual Concierge Service

Multiple Tags:

We’re happy to announce the next set of enhancements to the Virtual Concierge Service for your vacation rental(s). You can now:
Apply the same tag to multiple content items
Apply more than one tag to a single content item

A Quick Refresher on Tags:

Guests can find the content they are interested in by using the voice menu. This is useful, but it is also important for guests to ask for information directly, with a simple question. Tags make it possible for guests to ask for information directly. They also include built-in synonyms, so that different ways of guests asking the same thing are recognized. Use tags wherever you can.

Mobile Concierge:

We have built a simplified way for guests to access the Virtual Concierge on their phone. Using Google Assistant either natively on an Android or with the app on iPhone, guests can now say “Use the Mobile Concierge”. They will be prompted for the passcode to your property, and have immediate access to your custom content. We have removed the need for guests to login prior to accessing the concierge.

Yelp Integration:

With this new Yelp integration, your content will be delivered and then the guest will be asked if they would like the address, phone number or business hours for that place of business. This information will be automatically provided, there is no need for you to specify any of those three things in your content. Any of your content items that have been connected to Yelp will deliver this capability. Should this business information change, it will be automatically updated.

Smart Home Systems For Sale:

With Alexa or Google Home in your vacation rental, you may have considered how else to make effective use of technology at your property. We've been working on something that can help - smart home systems that are easy. We have built pre-programmed kits setup specifically for vacation properties and have them for sale in our online store.

Multiple Property Management:

You asked and we listened. You can now set up one property with all of your custom content and automatically copy it to all of your other properties, without the need to retype anything.
Okay, how do I get started?

To get started, sign up by clicking on the button below

Once you're signed up, you can access our Support section for instructions on how to set up your device.
Improve Your Guest’s Experience using Smart Home Technology

Virtual Concierge now offers a pre-programmed Smart Home kit for your vacation rental

It is the perfect addition to the Concierge Service. In addition to your guests learning about your house and the nearby area with the Virtual Concierge, they can also use your Alexa or Google Home to control smart home devices in the house, and you can use it to make sure the house is comfortable and inviting when your guests arrive. Our kits include a smart home hub, light switches, water leak sensors, and optionally you can add a keyless dead bolt lock.
The system is pre-programmed specifically for simplified management of your short-term rental property. It will help deliver an outstanding first impression to your guests by providing a comfortable and well lit house when they arrive. Also enjoy the piece-of-mind knowing that you can control your vacation house remotely and get notifications when conditions change. You can prepare your house for occupancy by simply entering an event in your Google or iCal calendar and leave the rest to automation.
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